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To be the runningman instead of indoorsman. Four-Faith participate in the Xiamen Internal Marathon

On Dec,12 th, 2016 Xiamen International  Marathon Race Half Marathon and 10km Marathon began in haicang.


Thirty thousand of runners from 30 countries attend this race.
And Four-Faith’s team also attend this race and succeed with excellent performance.


Yes, Four-Faith’s team not as professional players, also not to obtain the high bonuses, just in order to be able to in the process of running, challenge their limits, temper their willpower, enrich their experiences, hone his own will.


Afer work, friends every week to participate in sports such as running, basketball, badminton.Love sports, love life, is our pursuit of life.


For Four-Faith,  the guys show themselves in this way, let everybody see four letter of sunshine, warm, positive spirit.Like four letter's pursuit of "around the 'integrity, trust, confidence, faith, constantly to do strongly does."Is the same, the spirit of the development of the enterprise is a marathon, who can hold out until the last, who is the biggest winner.

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