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To self-service ticket machines ticket now!

12306 Ministry of Railways official website on sale starting from December 7, 2015  during the Spring Festival is the annual Spring Festival rush season to buy ticket, Are you already in the field ready to make of it? However, online tickets but address him "not what you want to buy a ticket, that you can buy." It is said that the graphics code number 12306 have been as many as 581 kinds, and enter the correct one-time code only 8% ......

Ha ha ha, good as a face blindness I lose thoroughly... Of course the following a set of... Has been deeply mocking me...

Not educated, know entertainment gossip, was too embarrassed to buy a ticket...

Said 12306 verification code beat the 99% of ticket buyers seem to is no exaggeration, the four faith boy can only silently offer knee, said a loud "service"! How happy to buy a ticket? China has more than 2.7 million migrant workers how to do it, how to go home?
Don't have to look scalped tickets, looking for the self-service ticket machine.
The self-service ticket machines have been around the bus station, subway station, business circle, university school, hotels, office buildings and other places, the operation is simple, convenient buy ticket.
Safe? Fast? Not often freezes?

Don't worry about it? Using four faith wireless communication terminal connected to the system, self-service operators can real-time monitor each self-service ticket machine operation state, thus more efficient and accurate service organization, scheduling and monitoring.
Technology diagram sketch , as shown in the figure below

Self-service ticket machine through the Ethernet interface and the four faith industrial-class wireless router connection, ticket center system can use special line and ADSL as network access.


Routers F3X25, F3X27 and other serial route through (mobile, China Unicom, telecom) and other wireless network access Internet, and to establish a VPN connection with the ticketing center, so that the terminal ticket machine, banking center system composed of the same network, self-service ticketing machine can directly communicate with the ticketing center system server. The business data generated by the self-service ticket machine will directly communicate with the central server through the router and the central server, and carry out data exchange.

Now you can rest assured to buy a ticket. (Tips: self sale tickets pre-sale period and the general and window, for 58 days), no matter what tickets., I wish you all can "near misses to buy a ticket to go home ~
The verification of 12306 code in order to identify is known, by the majority of users of the collective vomit slot, can not help but sigh #12306 was playing bad # the, another time that users of wisdom is infinite, come onlookers

#12306 code code # verification beat the 99% of the tickets, now the validation code seems to be playing bad mother I probably can't find the way home
China has more than 2.7 million migrant workers, how to go home? How to buy a train ticket? And even pushed out those fake sellers and scalpers, is still at the bottom of people's press.
Train ticket kiosks will go to Beijing business circle They collect the tickets don't have to run the station 

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