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What are the charging pile networking way?

Policy under the warm wind blow, 2015 become the real first year of development of electric vehicle charging pile. On 9th, October, issued by the general office of the State council "about to speed up the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure guidance", according to the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure problem put forward a number of supporting policies. 

As electrical side of power grid with electric vehicle charging pile, the particularity of its structure determines the characteristics of automation communication system is by scattered measuring point, wide coverage and communication distance is short. The car battery pile existing communication means what?

1. Wired type
Cable ways mainly include: wired Ethernet (RJ45 line, optical fiber), industrial serial bus (RS485, RS232 and CAN bus).

Wired Ethernet main advantage is reliable data transmission, network capacity is big, the disadvantage is that complex wiring, poor scalability and high construction cost, poor flexibility.

Industrial serial bus (RS485, RS232 and CAN bus) is a reliable data transmission, the design is simple, the disadvantage is that complicated net, poor scalability and high construction cost, poor flexibility, low communication capacity.

2. Wireless networking

Wireless way access mobile data business with the major mobile operators, such as: GRPS, EVDO, CDMA and TD- LTE, etc..

Main advantage of wireless communication is: to provide quick and easy access to the dimensions of the charging pile (station) to form a safe, high speed, stable, real-time on-line monitoring and data acquisition terminal equipment charging pile, at the same time by different wireless communication equipment can increase more application services.

Wireless applications which can be subdivided into the following:


Full band/4G/3G/2.5G/WIFI&Charging pile wireless networking

Based on the wireless network monitoring system of electric vehicle charging pile by electric vehicle charging pile, wireless data transmission terminal, service management platform. Data collector is responsible for collecting all the details of the monitoring module of charging pile, through the RS485 bus is connected to the digital terminal, digital information transmission of collector to terminal management platform, the staff through the management platform can be centralized monitoring of the current working status information for each of the sites charging pile.
● Can be used for small and medium-sized charging pile, Four-Faith power dedicated IP MODEM, industrial IP MODEM and IP MODEM, low power consumption, can provide quick and easy access and data transmission.
● For large scale charging pile (station), using the Four-Faith router series (full band / 4G / 3G / 2.5G/WIFI Router ), to provide real time monitoring and network access at the same time, the charging pile can easily realize the big data management and rich business value-added services.

ZigBee wireless networking & charging pile

Through the zigbee module embedded in charging pile, makes charging pile has the function of the ZigBee wireless communication conditions, at the same time avoid charging due to wiring between pile construction; Field charging pile by ZigBee network between local area network (LAN), controlled by the site incase of ZigBee + 3G/ 4G gateway implementation and the control center of data exchange, thus reach charging pile used wireless remote monitoring via the effect.

WCDMA Router 

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