F8L10D LoRa Module F8L10T LoRa Gateways

F8L10T LoRa Modem Gateways

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    ●  Max Transmission Distance of 8 KM
    ●  Rich Port Interface And Easy to Use
    ●  Excellent Anti-Interference Features
    ●  Module Supports Over-the-Air Updates
    ●  -148dBm Ultra-High Receiver Sensitivity

Features Reference
Rich Port Interface And Easy to Use
5 I/O port is provided, allowing the possibility to achieve 5 digital inputs and outputs. It’s compatible with 3 pulse output, 3 analog input and 2 pulse counting function. Also, it provides standard RS232 and RS485 interface ports; can be directly connected to serial devices.
Industry Leading Max Transmission Distance of 8 KM
The Four-Faith LoRa module adopts a LoRa modulation technique, acquired through many years of wireless network experiences to achieve a maximum transmission distance of 8 km. Perfectly solving the problematic environment of small amounts of data transmission over long distances, providing an ideal solution to all industries wireless networking needs.
Excellent Anti-Interference Features
Using the forward error correction technology to increase redundant information during transmission, any errors are corrected immediately upon arriving at the receiving end. Combine this with the Four-Faith channel conflict detection optimization technique to solve the problem of node data and packet loss to greatly improve the link robustness.
Module Supports Over-the-Air Updates
The Four-Faith LoRa modules support over-the-air updates along with remote maintenance, so technical personnel need not be on site to perform these tasks, significantly reducing labour costs and improving management efficiency. 
-148dBm Ultra-High Receiver Sensitivity
Modulation techniques created a unique spectrum widening process, allowing the receiver sensitivity to reach -148dBm. This makes it suitable for use in environments where stable long-distance data transmission is a top priority.