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Four-Faith LoRa with 70kV substation

Product Solutions
F8L10t-E & F8916-L
Project Introduction
Some substations are located in suburb area, but users are in town. So we need to transfer data from substation to users place. LoRa device is a long distance and small data transmission products which can be used in industrial monitoring. LoRa communication doesn’t need cellar network, it uses public frequency like 433MHz or 868MHz, it can save more money.
System Requirements
·Seamless site-to-center communications;  
·Long distance transportation ;
·RS232 &RS485 for transducer connection.
Four-Faith Solution
F8L10D-N LoRa module is a kind of embedded device that provides data transfer function by LoRa network. It provides ultra-long range pread spectrum communication.
The product uses high-performance industrial-grade LoRa solution, support transparent data transmission function; low power consumption design, the lowest working current can less than 2uA; supply multil I/O channels, compatible analog inputs and pulse input counters         

The topology is as below:

Why Four-Faith
High-Availability Wireless Control
·Provides data transfer function by public cellular network,
·Maximum security transmission in real-time.
Four-Faith Benefits
·Wide Operating Temperature: -40~+85ºC, applicable to most of interview site.

·With small size 24.4x37.5x5 mm, support embedding.

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