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LoRa & Photovoltaic System Monitoring Applications

Online and remote monitoring the tremendous amounts of photovoltaic panels is a crucial aspect to solar power management.

The data collector accumulates the data from the photovoltaic panels and uploads them to the network server or local computer through
LoRa Module, GPRS etc. This allows management personnel to conveniently view and manage the operational data of the panels. 

1. Through the network combination of LoRa wireless terminal F8L10T and LoRa gateway F8X26L, the working state, current, voltage, rated power and other parameters information of each PV panels will be transmitted to the management center server through the operator’s network, processing with real-time monitoring and data statistic and analysis.

2. It also allow monitoring PV array status information, temperature and humidity sensor and other parameters in the local management center. The data can be received locally by LAN port, WiFi or RS232 / 485 serial port.

3. Managers can also access the Internet by mobile phones anytime and anywhere, through the APP to monitor the corresponding key parameters on the PV array.

Photovoltaic system monitoring

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