LoRa Gateway and Series LoRaWan Modem Devices Network Server

LoRa Module

Long-range and low-power LoRa module for IoT networks. Four-Faith is a leading provider of LoRa-based hardware and software products servers.

LoRa Gateway

LoRa Gateway(Lpwan gateway) have the seriea and ethernet lorawan module with communication lora network.

LoRa Terminal

Four Faith LoRa Modem(LoRa Terminal) have use lora technology to intelligent lora iot with lora network server and platform.

F8L10GW Lorawan

F8L10GW LoRaWAN gateway is a wireless communication gateway/base station based on LoRaWAN protocol and access LoRaWAN terminal of various application nodes.

Smoke Detector

Four faith lora smoke sensor products provides LoRa 433MHz/868MHz Smoke Sensor/Smoke Detector for Fire Alarm System.