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LoRa Applications

  • Smart City with LoRa Case Study
    Among all the LPWan technology, LoRa is the superstar since it has various advantages when compared with others in the range, power consumption, security, mobility and localization service, etc. Hence, LoRa has been widely used in environment monitoring, street lighting, parking buildings, smart metering, and fleet management. Four-Faith Industrial level LoRa solution provides a smart sensing and control infrastructure, which allows cities or management organization to collect and analyze data from thousands of connected devices in a streamlined manner, in order to make intelligent decisions about services they need to offer.
  • Four-Faith let the landscape lights run smartly
    In contemporary society, urban lighting has become a business card and window to show the charm of the city, because urban lighting is not only a science but a culture, an art. Urban street lighting is a beautiful landscape of the city. With the continuous development of smart digital city, urban street lights encountered many unexpected problems, such as: management issues, cost issues, electricity problems, the problem of cable theft and so on .
  • Four-Faith LoRa with 70kV substation
    The product uses high-performance industrial-grade LoRa solution, support transparent data transmission function;
  • Four-Faith LoRa Module Gateway with Parking Station
    Using Lora gateway device to transfer data from  the magnetic filed sensor to monitoring station, then show those information in a the parking station system. 
  • How Four-Faith intelligence irrigation system...
    The use of this system, of course, is certainly water saving, but also improves the quality of crops while achieving immaculate precision.