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Company News

  • Four-Faith’s Invitation of China Vending & Self-service Show
    Four-Faith will participate in the exhibition and show our self-service system which uses Four-Faith industry router and monitoring service center server to establish transparent data channel to realize the wireless network of vending machine. The system timely and automatically feedbacks the current operating status of the self-service terminal, and 24-hour network monitoring ensures the efficient operation of the self-service terminal.
  • Four-Faith LoRa Module Firstly Certificated by CLAA
    Recently, the enterprises which firstly passed CLAA compatibility test received CLAA COMPATIBLE certification and won the right to use related certification marks, Four-Faith LoRa module F8L10D is one of the first CLAA certificated products. In 2016, Four-Faith started to cooperate with CLAA ecosystem partners, and successfully used Four-Faith LoRa products in several projects like Daqing Oil Field. This adoption of CLAA certification will provide a reliable guarantee for Four-Faith LoRa solutions in future large projects.
  • Meet you at 2018 Shanghai International Industrial Communication Products
    2018 Shanghai International Industrial Communication Products & Innovative Application Exhibition will be held during 2nd – 4th, April 2018 at SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Center).
  • Meet You at Hannover Messe on April 23
    The largest industrial exhibition in the world will be held in Hannover, Germany, from 23 to 27 April 2018. Global 70+ national 6000+ exhibitors and 20,000+ audience will participate in the show. Hannover Messe is considered to be an important international activity related to the world's technology and business fields. The exhibition is rich in content, showing the leading high-tech products of modern industrial technology, and driving the business development of the whole industry.
  • South Asia Market|Convergence India 2018
    Four-Faith intelligent power failure indicator has line load monitoring, short circuit fault, and ground fault indication function, which can help the line-hunter to quickly find the fault point, shorten the power outage time, and improve the reliability of power supply.