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Online Monitoring System For Oil Pipeline

         The oil pipeline has a large diameter high pressure and conveying capacity, As the pipeline anticorrosion covering the gradually gets old,sudden natural disasters as well as human punching Stolen phenomenon happens,leading to the oil spill,a serious threat to safety of the oil pipeline transportation lines,led to the loss of crude oil,a series of serious consequences of environmental pollution as well as discontinued shutdown. 

         Oil pipeline leak detection method is often through the detector and the man to patrol method, relying on human,not in real time to conduct a comprehensive monitoring on the oil pipeline, and therefore it can not ensure the security of the pipeline route in order to ensure that the oil pipeline route safe transport of oil pipeline route,it can adopts oil pipe-line monitoring system based on the Four-Faith wireless communication terminal, making the leak be found in time, and to take remedial measures, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing environmental pollution and reduce economic losses.

Overview of the online monitoring system for oil pipeline
          Oil pipeline monitoring system combines the former monitoring methods to develop a new easier to operate and reliable pipeline monitoring system with  precise positioning and intelligent monitoring features.

    1. Precisely to monitor leak location

          positioning system  classifies and recognizes the running state of the pipeline,forecasts pipeline operation quickly and accurately, detects pipeline operational failure, has a strong resistance to the harsh environment and anti-noise, and can adapt to a complex industrial site

    2. Intelligent monitoring

         system establishes a detailed knowledge base,leaks and various status information is recorded in the knowledge base,it figures out extract a number of feature of each work situation, these feature accurately record relevant information, when an exception occurs, the system status compared to the original status of the Knowledge Base, therefore to determine whether there is a potential problem. 


         It is unreasonable to use a industrial router to transmit for this project, analog and digital can only be collected by sensor, please replaced by DTU or RTU

    Topological picture as below,    


   The overall system structure including the server, the client terminal, a communication network, the sensor. Server monitoring the command and control of center ; the client terminal accepts master system regulation, to complete the tasks assigned by the master system; communication network is responsible for the transmission of information; sensor receives the signal from the  pipeline 
   It can adopts Four-Faith wireless Communication terminal F2103 IP Modem for network data-transmission portion, image, video, and other parameters collected by the sensor is transferred to the server control center by Four-Faith F2103, the control center is responsible for the save and management of  all real-time data, historical data and alarm information and transfers command back to various sub monitoring points by analysis. Via this monitoring technology ,staff can detect leakage and theft in time, take prompt measures, thereby significantly reducing the loss of benefits.

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