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Center Air Condition Remote Monitoring Application

Center Air Condition Remote Monitoring Application

           The early central air-conditioning control function is simple, and not easily connected to the internet. Four-Faith come up with one central air conditioning monitoring based on PLC and F2X14 Low Consumption IP modem.  If abnormal or malfunction, the PC will send out the alarm information to warn the related personnel. By the analysis of the site data, the manufactures can know about all the running status of all the air conditioners all over the country. According to the running data, they can make prompt reaction and professional suggestion.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. Wide temperature range

Wide temperature range design, resistant to high temperature, low cold. No matter how the temperature outside is, it can ensure the reliable work.

2. EMC Electromagnetism compatibility

IP MODEM adopt high grade EMC anti-interference design, can work normally in the high electromagnetism interference severe environment.

3.High compatibility

Four-Faith IP modem supports transparent transmission and is compatible with Numerical Control Device with different brands and different protocols.

4. Remote Management

The PC software can do the reverse control, parameter configuration, remote upgrade on site by the  ip modem to improve the efficiency of management.

5. Support multiple data center

It support double center back up support 5 data center receive data at the same time.

Successful Cases

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Dongguan Central Air Conditional Monitoring Project         Fuzhou Central Air Conditional Monitoring Project

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Beijing Central Air Conditional Monitoring Project         Shijiazhuang Air Conditional Monitoring Project

Customer's feedback

Fuzhou Client: We are a system integrator, and Four-Faith’s quick response, fast delivery and good service attract us. In bulk supply, there are two has some problems, and Four-Faith provided the quick feedback and service which made us satisfied.

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