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F7114 GPS DTU application of wireless monitoring system of tower crane

Customer demand analysis:

           Xi 'an customer contracts for multiple site monitoring system, needing to install a set of advanced safety management system at the scene of the construction site. But cause of the construction site is big and full of construction facilities, and construction environment is more complicated, is difficult for installation of cable monitoring system, so xi 'an customer selected installation wireless monitoring system.

The scene description:

          The site has 10 large tower crane needs to be real-time monitoring, and send data to the control room, and the longest transmission distance is 3 kilometers. Require installation a set of wireless transmission equipment on each tower crane, using wireless terminals to transfer tower crane data to the monitoring center.

Tower crane remote monitoring management system:

          Control box installed in the tower crane driver room, connecting with potentiometer lifting stroke limiter, potentiometer rotary stroke limiter, potentiometer car stroke limiter and shear weighing sensor. Control box can collect parameters such as crane operation time, lifting weight, torque and  working environment temperature, wind speed, movement track, a serial port connected to local display, another serial port connected to a serial port of networking equipment; serial port networking equipment (Four-Faith wireless communications equipment F7114 GPS DTU gps gsm modem,GPS GPRS MODEM,Gps Modem Products,Gps Modem Suppliers ), installed in the interior of tower crane driver room, connected with control box via RS232/RS485 serial port, F7114 after receiving the monitoring terminal information, transmit data to the remote monitoring center through the wireless network, so as to realize the function of remote monitoring.

On-site application picture:

Four-Faith F7114 GPS DTU application of wireless monitoring system of tower crane in Xi’an Four-Faith F7114 GPS DTU application of wireless monitoring system of tower crane in Xi’an

         Remote monitoring platform can record and store real-time data of tower crane, scientific test at the crane irregularities, to provide reliable data for managers to manage crane, effective prevention and inhibition of the accident, and provide detailed data query for the quality control department at the same time, for their quantitative management.

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