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Four-Faith WIFI router for motor devices monitoring application

          Four-Faith partner - Beijing technology company developed a motorized monitoring equipment for the special needs of custom-made motor monitoring unit in petroleum, ports, forestry, water conservancy and other industries, the device is light weight, easy to move, easy to assemble, easy to operate, salt tolerance, corrosion resistance, suitable for long-term use in outdoor environments. It is compact structure, fastness, good stability in design, has been recognized by customers in many industries.

         The product is with video surveillance, audio monitoring and broadcasting, wireless remote transmission, WIFI coverage, local data storage and other functions; It supports video, voice, data transmission, and to transmit traffic data and control data to convenient the users, effectively making on-site staff away from the wild harsh environment, reducing human input for truly unattended and remote control by modern high-tech means.

         The device can be deployed with dozens of kilometers outside environment, relying on the wireless bridge technology for remote communication between headquarters and field operations site. The headquarters can monitor the situation real-time to remote mentor on-site workers.

motor devices monitoring application

         Four-Faith industrial wireless router is embedded in the equipment to provide wifi access. The staff can use a mobile terminal or a portable laptop to view local video or communicate with the center.

         Integrated infrared remote HD camera can see every detail of on-site environment, infrared night vision distance can reach 100 meters, to achieve a 24-hour unattended. Built-in local video equipment, can install DVR or NVR if local video is needed; Realize intercom and radio with outdoor sound pick-up and horn speaker; Sound pick-up with outdoor remote monitor probe option, monitoring range can reach about 100 square meters.

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Four-Faith F5934 Industrial WIFI Router

industrial wifi router

         F5934 is a WIFI router, using the public network to provide users with data transfer function. The product uses a high-performance 32-bit CPU and industrial grade wireless communication processor module, embedded real-time operating platform software, while providing an RS232 (or RS485/RS422), 4 x LANs, 1 xWAN, and 1 x WIFI interface, can connect to serial devices, Ethernet devices and WIFI equipment in parallel to achieve transparent data transmission and routing functions.

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