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What are the conditions required to be a dealer?
a. Identify Four-Faith business philosophy and management method
b. with an adequate special funds for Four-Faith products promotion
c. with relevant industry experience, with a certain customer resources, with a certain market development capabilities
d. complete its distribution sales target
e. provide pre-sale, after-sale technical service independently after well-trained
f. have cooperative awareness, in line with the implementation of Four-Faith sales policy
What are the supports that your company provide to the distribution companies?
a. get customer protection
b. obtain a competitive distribution price
c. get promotional support
d. get products and technical training, service and support
e. obtain additional support for key customers
f. outstanding dealers get year-end rebates
The difference of IP modem and DTU ?
IP MODEM is the same with the DTU, both called wireless data transmission terminal.
The difference of IP modem and modem?
Main functions of the MODEM are to dial-up, to send/receive the messages, and perform these functions required by external commands; while IP MODEM do dial-up, send/receive the messages automatically, the main function is to achieve serial data to Ethernet and serial data to SMS function. IP MODEM is compatible with the functions of the modem.
The difference of F1103 and F1102?
F1103 has no MCU and procedures embedded inside, mainly used in the place that manned all the time, F1102 is known as intelligent modem, internal MCU and embedded anti-crash firmware, intelligent anti-dropped function, can be used in place unattended, the stability of F1102 is better than F1103.
The difference of F2x03 series and F2x14 series?
Power consumption of F2114 is lower than F2103; F2103 is with DB9 physical interface, supports RS232/RS485 transmission, while F2114 is terminal interface (12-pin), supports RS232/RS485 communication and 3 X digital I/Os and 2 X analog inputs; Power supply of F2103 is using a 3-pin power connector, while F2114 using terminal wiring; F2114 is compatible with all the functions of F2103, and supports timing ON/OFF, timing online/offline functions in addition.
The difference of F2x14 series and F7x14 series?
F7x14 series add GPS option based on F2x14 series
how to verify whether four faith F3826 , how do we verify LTE router run on 3G or LTE
What are M2M and IoT?
M2M is an acronym for Machine to Machine. As the name describes, proactive human involvement is seldom part of the one or two-way communication process. The idea behind the technology is to streamline the way data is collected from physical devices and incorporated into IT systems – without having to rely on people to intervene within the process. IoT is an acronym for Internet of Things. The technical definition of The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects accessed through the Internet. These objects contain embedded technology to interact with internal states or the external environment. In other words, when an object can sense and communicate, it changes how and where decisions are made, and who makes them.
What is a ‘Customer Solution’?
In the latest version of our SIMPro platform, we have introduced the concept of a ‘Customer Solution’; which is an activation profile. This solution contains all of the details needed to activate the SIM to the customer unique configuration. So now when customers come to activate a SIM, you will simply be asked to pick the Customer Solution to use for that connection, providing a quick and efficient way to connect multiple SIM cards.
What is a dynamic IP address?
This in simple terms is the opposite of a fixed IP address. When a machine connects to the network, an IP address is assigned to it. However, when the machine disconnects, it loses the IP address. The next time the machine connects, it will pick up a new IP address.
What is a Private APN?
A Private APN gives a customer direct access to their LAN and allows them to specify certain parameters such as the private address space allocated to the devices & RADIUS server attributes for user authentication. You are also able to access the Internet.
What is a Public APN?
Every network provider has a public APN. When the SIM card is enabled for data e.g. GPRS/3G etc the public APN is added by default. A Public APN is open for everyone to use.
What is a Public IP address?
Public IP addresses are IP addresses that are visible to the public. Because these IP addresses are public, they allow other people to know about and access the device, like a Web server.
What is a SIM?
A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) on a removable SIM Card securely stores the service-subscriber key (IMSI) used to identify a subscriber on mobile telephony devices (such as computers) and mobile phones
What is a site-to-site VPN tunnel?
A site-to-site VPN tunnel is where two firewalls are used to create a VPN tunnel. At Wireless Logic, we use IPSEC VPN tunnels. We configure a firewall on our side and then send the config parameters to the customer. The customer would then needs to enter the config parameters onto their firewall/router. This would then enable any machine(s) on a company's LAN to connect to its devices with our m2m SIMs and vice versa. This is an always-on VPN connection. To create a site-to-site tunnel, customers would need to have a hardware firewall/router capable of setting up an IPSEC VPN tunnel.
What is a VPN tunnel?
A VPN is a private network that uses a public network (usually the Internet) to connect to devices with Private IP addresses from a machine on your LAN or from home. Instead of using a dedicated, real-world connection such as leased line, a VPN uses ‘virtual’ connections routed through the Internet from the company’s private network to the remote device. The VPN tunnel would be used for those who have a private IP address on their SIMs.
What is an APN?
Access Point Name or APN is the name of an access point for GPRS/3G/HSDPA/HSUPA. An access point is: An Internet network to which a mobile can be connected A set of settings which are used for that connection A particular option in a set of settings in a mobile phone
What is an IP address?
Every machine on the Internet has a unique identifying number, called an IP Address. A typical IP address looks like this: To make it easier to remember, IP addresses are normally expressed in decimal format as a ‘dotted decimal number’ as illustrated above. An easy way to understand what an IP address is to compare it to a postal address. The IP address contains the country, county, town, street and building number. With this information, data can be routed to all machines. If a machine has no IP address, no data will be able to reach it.
What is GPRS?
GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It is a wireless technology used by GSM (Global System for Mobile) networks which enables Internet and other data communication. Because it is packet-based, you can stay online for an unlimited amount of time as only downloaded data is monitored with this service.
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