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Based on GPRS transmission line malfunction monitoring scheme

        Transmission lines into our distribution network-like structure, many branches, and the terrain in most areas, the high fault rate of the line, the traditional approach does not achieve fault troubleshooting information in real time upload function, does not have the automatic fault location function, once the line fault, need artificial along the search, still increases the difficulty and time troubleshooting. The use of simple, low-cost GPRS communication technology will upload the collected fault indicator fault information to the master station automation system, enabling automatic positioning of the fault zone is necessary.

        Xiamen Four-Faith GPRS wireless communication instead of the traditional wired communication via standard interfaces to the scene of the malfunction indicator transmitted over the data to the monitoring center, and thus the fault to make timely, fast and accurate processing, enhanced reliability and improve customer satisfaction.

The project analysis

1 System composition

        Transmission line malfunction monitoring system consists of three parts:  Hanging on the line and fiber optic cable type fault indicator data acquisition (ODU)、four-faith communication terminal F2114 ( GPRS IP MODEM )、dispatch center system.

1.1 Cable fault indicator, fiber optic data acquisition

       Cable fault indicator 3 functions: short circuit fault detection, temperature fault detection, load current detection. When distribution line phase fault occurs or the temperature is too high, the fault indicator flashing instructions given on the spot while uploading fault signal via fiber to the communication terminal.

       Fiber optic data acquisition can connect multiple fault indicator, fault indicator to send fault information uploaded to the communication terminal.

1.2 Communication terminal and platform

      Xiamen four-faith communication technology Co.Ltd. Is based on GPRS wireless IP MODEM f2114, It has small volume、low power、configuration simple to use plug and play. Support standard RS232/RS485 port, support main date channel、parallel multidata channel、real-time online and per demand online various working mode、support APN network access function, etc. Can not only protect the safe and reliable of data, also can let customer according to the needs transfer save the expenses.

1.3.Dispatch center system

      Dispatch center system including various server and systems software, responsible for monitoring data analyze and manage, for system analyze result be judged and for monitoring point issued control instruction.

System architecture process

System architecture process

       Install fault indicator with temperature detection function,to collect the current signal,cable temperature and fault signals digitized.Through short distance optical fiber transmit to optical fiber collector(ODU),then use four-faith DTU GPRS network realtime transmit data.The data through wireless method via mobile operator GPRS network transmit to electric power monitoring department background monitoring center management platform.Instead, when monitoring center management platform distributed control instruction, data is sent through the Internet and GPRS network to remote GPRS terminal. Remote GPRS terminal receives data transmit to the fault indicator.

2. Systme feature

      The systme adopt intellegent fault indicator cooperate four-faith GPRS telecommunication terminal to warm potential fault chance,realtime online monitor load curret,calbe outlet temperature,phrase short circuit single phase to ground fault,switch state and cable once the equipment running;Use intellengent fault indicator detecting the fault, load current and cable temperature.

      Application range: apply to cable system the cable brance box,ring network cabinet,open and close place,distribution room etc inlet and outlet of the device, to achieve monioring the cable fault, also monitoring the load current, cable outlet temperature,switch state,gas pressure alarms and access control etc. Basic monitoring requirement to meet distribution automation systems.

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