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Feeder remote monitoring application


      Feeder terminal need data acquisition and fault detect, the most important is to communication with distribution station or substation, and transmit telemetering, telecommand and trouble signal to station or substation, and carry out guidance command from station or substation. Adopt low power consumption IP modem F2X14 to realize communication connection between feeder and manage platform system. High speed and reliable wireless communication will reduce the time for gaining all feeder information from station or substation.


Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1、NCHC authentication

Passed the strict tests of insulation resistance, dielectric strength, surge interference, ESD interference, high-low temperature, RF electromagnetic fields, power frequency magnetic fields, accord with national standard.

2、Suitable for harsh working environment

metal case, IP30 protection, high-low temperature resistance, strong resistance to corrosion, suitable for complicated electricity power sites.

3、Strong ability of seeking signal

high-powered industrial module cellular module, strong ability of seeking signal in remote mountainous areas.

4、Always online

reliable network connection, maintain online function, always online

5、Save flux cost

support multi online trigger ways, including SMS, ring and data, save flux and power.

Successful cases


Liaoning Feeder Monitoring System                               Jilin Power Feeder Monitoring System


Henan Feeder Monitoring System                              Shandong Power Feeder Monitoring System


Customer's feedback

       Shandong customer: before cooperation with Four-Faith, we made much consideration, good coordination, rich experience in power industry, promptness of after service and good cost performance. After integrated survey, we cooperate with each other. We always use F2X14 IP MODEM during two years, it works stable and maintain easily.

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