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Power remote automatic meter reading applications

Power remote automatic meter reading applications

         Multiple meters by RS485 communication interface to capture data transmitted on the concentrator, concentrator via RS485 communication interface and GPRS IP modem (F2114) connection, remote data center server can use APN Line or ADSL, etc. When F2114 connected via the GPRS network to a remote data center server host, establish transparent data channel, data collection terminals to produce as long on the serial , F2114 will receive the data sent to the data center intact server host; while the server commands issued by the host channel after transfer to the F2114 GPRS DTU, F2114 through the serial port to the collection terminals, enabling bi-directional data transparent transmission.

automatic meter reading applications

Why Four-Faith ?

1. Support multi-center transmission : support simultaneous transmission of multiple data centers ( five data centers ), to facilitate the management departments at all levels to implement the call data management.

2. Always online : a reliable network connection, smart anti-dropped support for online testing, dropped automatically re-dial, to ensure that equipment is always online, unattended.

3. Remote control : it can provide remote equipment condition monitoring and system maintenance through a wireless network, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

4. Cost savings flow: support offline trigger modes, including SMS variety, the phone ringing, serial data trigger on the offline mode, saving traffic, energy saving.

5. EMC electromagnetic compatibility: F2X14 IP MODEM products comply with the electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement technology, data terminal functional requirementsand other related test.

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