Integrate two kinds of communication technology, and provide more flexible matches
Which is of zigbee and Wifi two kinds of communication way, smart home automatized, lighting, energy managing, smart home, secure configuration. sensors and medical monitoring device can easily integrated, more flexible matching.
Industrial grade, stable transmission
Gateway is the heart of controlling all kinds of signal and data transmission,Four-Faith based on the long year accumulate on the wireless IOT, intelligent and stable products ensure the stable running of smart home system system.
AES128 encryption, making the home datas more secure
Using the high standard AES 128 encryption to ensure the safe data and the user no need to worry about the family privacy problem.
Excellent wall communication ability
Support the concrete, glass and steel door omnidirectional penetrating wireless communication transmission, the communication distance could be up to 150 meters in the space.
One- Key setting, easily for use
Highly intelligent design, only one key on APP, the configuration is finished, and could easily realized the device access on the could.
Environmentally Friendly
Good EMC performance, little radiation, green and healthy; low power consumption, long running time when powered by battery.
Small,simple and fashion
Small and exquisite, color joker, line is simple and elegant appearance, with the modern household level