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4G/3G router for road motorized transport equipment networking in Australia

           Smart "traffic commander" - road motorized traffic display is everywhere in highway in Australia. Modern urban traffic pressure is getting bigger, timely release of all kinds of traffic information is particularly important, LED traffic display is becoming the major cities' traffic command ambassadors because of it is intelligent. However, guidelines and policies for Australia Act, all constructions shall not damage local environment according to Australian policies and acts, so road motorized transport display launched.


          Road motorized traffic display system is designed by Four-Faith and Australian XX company specifically for Australian needs, it is an intelligent traffic information remote wireless release products, Four-Faith provides more than 800 units system terminal for the partner since 2011. The product series is remote controlled by monitoring center, to release all kinds of graphic information, and guide traffic, to enhance the safety and construction of urban civilization.

On-site application image:


Industrial 3g 4g lte router

Main features:

1. Movable vehicle, with separate license, can drive on the road.

2. high brightness: light emitting diode selected from well-known brands, ultra-high brightness, even in strong sunlight and rain and fog weather.

3. adjustable brightness: 0% -100% dimming the brightness for different environment requirement.

4. Remote control: built-in Four-Faith wireless data transmission module, real-time remote information and data publishing via GPRS/3G network.

5. intelligent control: with easy management, timely changes by using Four-Faith wireless distribution system B/S structure, convenient to update the content real time as long as network access, available for unattended safe operation.

6. Lightning protection: a comprehensive lightning protection measures to prevent the display being struck by lightning and burned.

7. high protection: IP68 protection, with good water/damp proof and corrosion protection, suitable for heavy weather and bad environment.



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