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Bus E-Card Wireless Networking Application

Bus E-Card Wireless Networking Application

         E-card smart bus system is mainly composed of data service center, F2X03 IP MODEM and terminal controller. Combination of GPRS and GPS technology, via F2X03 series wireless communication terminal, the system transmit locating information and IC card information to monitoring center, so data service center can real-time check bus location.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. prompt networking

F2X03 set up connection with data service center via the operator network, offering a reliable data transmission channel for the uploading of IC card status and GPS information.

2. Easy recharging

Wide voltage design(DC5-35V),vehicle power is available

3. Safe driving

Low voltage power, no causing fire

4. Safe data

Support APN/VPDN, safe data transmission network for bus IC card

5. Quakeproof

Quakeproof design

6. Easy installation

Small size, install easily

Successful cases



Zhanjiang Bus E-card Application       Lianjiang Bus E-card Application          Wuhan Bus E-card Application       Macao Bus E-card Application

Customer's feedback

Guangdong customer: we choose Four-Faith devices because of good quality, what’s more, Four-Faith staffs are willing to help us to work out some technical problem, this is a good partner.



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