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Four-Faith Dual SIM Card Router F3B3X For Vehicle Video Surveillance

           There have been occurred many dispute, theft, violence and other phenomena in the intensive public transport vehicles and stations,Our government, public security department and traffic control department concern is that how to improve the safety in the bus to effectively prevent from illegal case.

           The traditional local video-based vehicle monitoring has not real-time uploading,it is hardly to meet the requirement of real time monitoring for public vehicle safety.Four-Faith has launched dual sim card router which support load balance,F3B3X can be used in wireless video surveillance which makes vehicle monitoring system more flexible and efficient.Load balance and switch between two operator make wireless video surveillance stable,picture clearer and smoothly transferring.

Four-Faith wireless video surveillance solution consists of three parts as below,

1. The vehicle-mounted video monitoring
2. Network data transferring
3. Centralized management center

Topology as below :


            Four-Faith Dual Sim Card Router F3B3X is mainly concentrated on application of network data transmission.Video camera in the vehicle transfers images to video server DVR,DVR video compression coding module compress and process them,then transferred to monitoring center by Four-Faith via network operator.

           Through this system,background monitoring center can obtain real-time dynamic images and other datas of vehicle terminal from scene.All datas are transferred by VPN with powerful safety ensure.Wireless video surveillance application fulfills management tool,and promotes the efficiency of management for public transport vehicle safety.

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