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Video surveillance router data transmission for driving school’s cars


          Video surveillance system is composed of vehicle monitoring system, wireless transmission device, video surveillance platform server and video collecting device. Every car is equipped with F3X34 industrial router, and set up communication channel with monitoring center via APN/VPDN/VPN. It transfers real-time video on site, car status, examinee status and operating situation to monitoring center. It is convenient for the staffs’ real time checking and as an evidence of passing or losing exam.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. Easy installation

Small size, easy installation

2. Stable communication

Industrial grade design, make sure device always online, self-detected, self-recovery once offline

3. High speed

High-power industrial wireless module, high-power industrial 32bits CPU, preventing big data package losing, ensuring the stable and efficient transmission.

4. Shock proof

Shock proof design for the moving

5. Safety driving

Low power supply, no fire for ensuring safety driving

Successful Cases


Zhengzhou car for driving license video monitoring system


Ziyang car for driving license video monitoring system


Zunyi car for driving license video monitoring system


Qingdao car for driving license video monitoring system

Customer's feedback

Qingdao customer: Comparing with some manufacturers, we had a conclusion: Four-Faith F3X34 is more cost-effective comparing with other manufacturers. It can prevent big data package losing, very stable when the car is moving, completely reach our requirements.

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