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Water Level Data Acquisition and Transmission Based on LTE Networks

I, Overview

         Flood practice has long been proven that flood control works is the primary means of prevention and control floods. Flood control works including levees, flood walls, reservoirs and other flood control projects. When the flood comes, the water level of real-time data has become particularly important, but there are people in the field can not always measure the water level information. Combined with the development and application of today's LTE network, transmit data via the Internet allowing professionals to first -time analysis the flood to start flood control plan.

II, System Structure

        1, System consist of water level sensor, Four-Faith F3834 4G LTE Wireless router, control center, water level and rainfall collection device, PLC, sluice controller, topology is as follows:


       2, The system of flood control set the water level data acquisition device and sluice control device around the levees, flood walls, reservoirs.through a wireless data transmission terminals (Four-Faith F3834 LTE WIFI router ) to transfer data to a remote monitoring center. When the flood season comes, the water level data acquisition device is enabled, the monitoring center can receive real-time water data uploaded back by Four-Faith router to data center.Professionals can analyze data in real-time to confirm whether to activate the emergency plan. The system use networking technology and products efficiently prevent flooding.

      3, In the system, F3834 industrial wireless router is usded to eliminat the reservoirs, levees and other relative humidity, the short lifetime of device when placing where is not easy for wiring , difficult wiring construction, maintenance difficulties and other troubles. Using 4G network to transfer the large water level data and rainfall data to monitoring center is efficiently applied in the flood control and other fields.



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