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WIFI media Operating Router of WIFI Operating systems application in Xiamen

         Xiamen is a beautiful city,of which the cruise terminal is particularly remarkable, not only because the cruise terminal has cost huge amounts of money for improving, but also because of "Airport Terminal" to be an international standard dock,which greatly improve the quality of tourists improved.

         Ship give people the impression that travel relatively slow, monotonous scenery along the way. Entertainment experience available to passengers on most ships is just newspapers and magazines, etc. , can not meet the needs of customers, and WIFI operating system is able to provide the entertainment greatly relieve fatigue and relax the body of the passenger experience, in the spirit of respect for passengers pleasure. For steamship companies, the import of mobile Internet on board to enhance the passenger boat experience, a truly win customers for our customers to achieve the goal of stable and attract tourists.

         A communications carrier cooperated with Four-Faith for the development of operating  WIFI ship system, the overall program is divided into the data center, network transmission, transit and display terminal equipment.This system mainly use Four-Faith WIFI media Operating Router F3436H ( 1 ship were installed 1 unit), the 4G / 3G network signal is converted into WIFI,  combined with video, news, music and other resources to build a strong network of tourist services based on wireless center.


WIFI Operating systems topology

Practical Application:

WIFI Operating systems application

        It is well known in the mobile Internet era, mobile phone, PAD and other end products have become essential for traditional users and enterprise communications industries, the traditional application of the transition to mobile Internet applications is unstoppable trend. WIFI ships operating platform to create a precise advertising mobile marketing new model, by operating a large data expectations guide for tourists, tourist spending behavior management, records management and other visitors, will greatly benefit tourism marketing communications services, so that the valuable tourist resource value of maximum applied.


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