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What is RTU ?

RTU is a new intelligent remote terminal equipment special designed for hydrology industry, integrating traditional hydrological telemetry terminal function and 2.5 G / 3 G / 4 G transmission functions together, high-performance and low-power microcontroller as the core, with multiple sensor interfaces and multiple communication interfaces. Widely used in meteorology, hydrology and geological and other industries.
In terms of function, RTU has triggered to collect rainfall, timing acquisition and report the water level, water quantity, water quality, and other data, warning trigger and submitted to the rainfall, water level, water quantity, water quality, and other data, remote query current and historical data, the battery voltage report function, support function such as image capture function. Can monitor real-time rainfall, water level, wind condition, temperature and humidity, water quality, voltage, accurately reflect the hydrological situation and meteorological conditions of rivers and lakes.

Working principle:

Generally speaking, RTU (remote terminal unit) composition of the ARM and GPRS module, the rainfall sensor, water level sensor, solid-state storage, real-time clock circuit, Chinese character LCD display module, a standard PC keyboard interface, DC uninterruptible power supply and the watchdog circuit. It based on GPRS wireless public network channel to realize rainfall, water automatic meter, and storage and data transmission. ARM computer receives information from rainfall sensor, water level sensor, and the data stored in the storage in real time. ARM application curing the rainfall regime, water intelligence standard, integrates the timing report and program, called test when they arrive in the time and reach up to standard or after receiving a call signal, equipment automatically start GPRS module, establishment with the sub-center of the wireless link, check success and data transmission. Watchdog circuit can guarantee system when subjected to interference, automatic recovery work, ensure the reliability of the remote terminal.

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