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Gas Monitoring Solution based on F8914 ZigBee wireless data transmission

          As some of the world energy giant gas exploration activities in waters off Australia, a series of natural gas fields have been found,Not only to making Australia's natural gas reserves increase quickly, but also greatly promoted the natural gas production, exports and investment in Australia,In recent years,Australia's natural gas consumption increase and the city gas is the most important part. In order to ensure the gas supply pipe network security, stable and economic operation, improve the efficiency of gas management, modernization of gas network management level, the gas transmission remote monitoring system for gas network centralized monitoring and quantitative management is the current development trend.

          Four-Faith’s customer, Austria system integrator, has finished the remote gas monitoring system of high automation, and wide cover range.This Austria customer use 200pcs Four-Faith F8914 ZigBee wireless data transmission and work together with Four-Faith to finish this system. Via the monitoring terminal, ZigBee network, or GPRS network,Many LPG stations, dispatch station and the measuring point can be measured and monitored remotely.Monitoring and control system for actual situation, have many innovations on its practicability, reliability, technology, economy and so on.



         Gas Monitoring System consist of center station and monitoring station, in charge of monitoring and managing. The monitoring station use the module developed by customer fro data collection, save and control. All kind of monitoring data(Pressure, flow, environment) is transfer via the rs232 of F8914 to the coordinator F8114, and then be sent to the monitoring center via gprs network to realize data monitoring and communication.

         Using wireless communication,cost less for gas company. On the other hand, due to the small size of wireless terminal F8914 ZigBee Terminal, it can be moved freely. When the gas station is moved, the terminal can be moved also.

Application Image :


Four-Faith F8914 ZigBee Wireless Terminal Used in the Sensors.

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