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Smart Building Bus temperature monitoring ZigBee network

          Basic environmental testing through field testing in steel environment from the first floor to the third floor, opposite the distance of about 30 to 40 meters , test point data transmission is normal. No packet loss.

          1, Application environment: Mainly do bus temperature monitoring buildings. Between buildings, or up to three or four on each floor has three-phase power transfer box, the need for three-phase power -related contacts for temperature acquisition, detection circuit load.

          Each five junction box to monitor temperature information, some time back again to the main center. Generally to the individual cell as the center . Need to address the various buildings to the network management center between the deployment problem, do not want to use the carrier network, composed by zigbee network to complete the entire network.

Bus system-related display environment :


Bus system - the main control cabinet:


2, Networking Description

A, ZigBee networks are generally composed of a single cell


           Each building 15 floors at an average height calculation, first solve networking pencil, ladder wells arranged by F8914 (ZigBee Terminal, ZigBee IP Modem, Industrial ZigBee Chip ) device, usually 3-5 layers arranged one can also be increased by routing mode network, usually a building about distribution network 10 F8914 ( ZigBee Terminal,ZigBee IP Modem,Industrial ZigBee Chip ), due to narrower corridor signal transmission distance also was affected, the point needs to be customized to individual power car antenna as a relay, if necessary, so that the higher the building can also solve communication problems.

B, Network structure of the entire district


          After the network from a single residential buildings, the highest point on the roof by the F8914 ( ZigBee Terminal,ZigBee IP Modem,Industrial ZigBee Chip ) as the routing of forms, from the roof of the route between multiple buildings consisting of a large network , through the center of the cell to the target node monitoring center, complete composition of the entire large network.

3, Data transfer instructions

          Mainly by timing reporting methods, reporting time by different nodes, staggered transmission time, as far as possible do not upload data at the same time to avoid data congestion.

          Depending on the frequency and size of the data packet size adjustment network data collection, through the terminal controller can control packets can also be made in accordance with the relevant requirements of customization features live environment.

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