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ZIGBEE wireless technology for oil well monitoring program

1、  Background

          The traditional artificial collect data low efficiency and pose threat to staff safety. Based on 802.15.4/ZIGBEE technology wireless sensor for wells monitoring system. Using a large number of transmission wireless sensor network. Solve the cost of equipment into a large and difficult problem of maintaining.Greatly improve the Stability of the system ,and realize oil well field no wiring.

2.System composition

2.1 Terminal data collector,for example temperature sensor, the voltage sensor, motor current sensor and so on. They will work condition of the oil Wells to transform the corresponding voltage or current value.
Oil field
2.2  Wireless communications devices

          Our F8914 ZigBee wireless terminal and F8114 GPRS+ZigBee wireless terminal meet oil well working requirement. F8914 can work as client node, and F8114 works as master node. Our ZigBee ip modem supports RS232/RS485, and it is easy to bconfigure and control they .

2.3  Application topology

         2.3.1  ZigBee ip modem connected to data terminal via RS232/RS232 or RS232/RS485.

Collector and ZigBee link

          2.3.1  The data center has Cable network access ,and ZigBee ip modem receive data from data terminal then sent them to data center via GPRS network.

 In ZigBee network
          2.3.1  The data center connected to ZigBee ip modem directly. The data terminal sends data to ZigBee ip modem ,then ZigBee forwards data to center via RS232/RS485.
Oil field network ZigBee
3、Project Feature
1、802.15.4/ZigBee wireless network,apply for license-free radio;
2、support a variety of network topologies,maximum network high connection capability , Node can support 65,000.
3、Industrial module,Metal housing,standard power:DC 12V/500mA,Current communication:<250mA (12V),operating temperature:-25~+65ºC,storage temperature:-40~+85ºC;Relative humidity 95%(non-condensing);Multiple hardware and software watchdog design,suitable for work in the field.
4、ZigBee terminals wireless communication distance is 800m
5、ZigBee communication do not require any fees
6、All modules can automatic networking
7、Easy installation


         Chinese traditional oil workers must go to the size to collected oil dynamometer, balance, oil casing pressure, oil temperature , liquid production and other production data, workers in labor-intensive, low reliability and accuracy .Oil well remote monitoring ensure accuracy of data collection and enhance on-site emergency treatment is a very important significance.

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